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Love for the skin, love for the body, love for the environment
MaterNatura's line of products has been created to offer you a range of cosmetics developed in harmony with Nature. The stress of modern life, pollution and the use of extremely harsh cosmetics are the main causes of skin ageing and health problems.
For this reason MaterNatura offers exclusively natural products created with vegetal components. They are healthy, safe, reliable and effective and made with 100% pure essential oils.

Quality of the components
MaterNatura cosmetics are particularly nourishing, enabling the skin to feel fresher and more alive. These products are created using primary materials found in Nature's unique laboratory: herbs, seeds, flowers, fruits and products from bees. They are very rich in all the precious substances Nature offers: shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba, sesame, centella asiatica, rose de mai, myrrh etc.

Organic culture, wild plants
We have been privileged the use of wild and organically derived plants. This type of culture respects the natural growth of the plants ensuring that they retain maximum vitality and maintain their extraordinary functional qualities so necessary for their effectiveness.

Cold pressed vegetal oils
All vegetal oils such as sesame oil, wheat germ and jojoba oil are cold pressed, allowing them to retain their qualities. MaterNatura does not use animal fats, mineral oils or petroleum bases, which have no affinity with the skin.

MaterNatura preserves its products using grapefruit seed extract, glycinates extracted from soy, vitamins A, E, C, essential oils. The grapefruit seed extract diluted in certified vegetal glycerine is a natural preservative and has no negative side effects; on the contrary, it is extremely beneficial to the skin. Research in the USA has shown that it can have beneficial effects on many skin problems.

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Essential oils
The fragrances used come from natural essential oils and increase the effectiveness of the product. The essential oils used are 100% pure and natural, obtained through low-pressure distillation, which preserves all their energy. The products contain no synthetic fragrances or perfumes of which the side effects are not known.

The delicate tints of the products originate from natural components: turmeric, henna, chlorophyll, aloe vera. For this reason the tints may alter in time.

The base of the creams: Liposomes
MaterNatura creams are wheatgerm liposome based. These liposomes have an extraordinary affinity with the skin. Their molecular structure is minute, enabling them to deliver water and nourishment to the derma (the deepest layer of the skin where wrinkles form) and therefore to effectively fight wrinkle formation and dehydration.


The effectiveness of our products is due to the synergies (combined effects) that take place between the plants, the essential oils and the vegetal oils. The beneficial effects are obtained by the heightened activity of one of the components when associated with others that have a similar and complementary action.

Extracts in "toto"
We use extracts in "toto", (the scientific term is biosomes). Biosomes are a combination of both the active and non-active parts of the plant. Generally, in cosmetics, only the active components enter into the preparation of the product. In this way the delicate balance that naturally exists between the active and non-active components is broken, the holistic efficiency, associated with harmony, is no more, and this may lead to unpleasant side effects.

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Herbal glyceric extracts
MaterNatura is introducing to Italy extracts obtained from a new procedure with certified vegetal glycerin and is substituting glycolic extracts obtained with propylene glycol. The glyceric extracts are obtained from plants harvested from an organic source. Even more natural!

Natural Moisturiser
The "natural moisturizing factor" (nmf) commonly used in cosmetics is often not natural. MaterNatura products contain 100% natural moisturizing factors: aloe vera gel, mucilage of mallow and althea. It offers superb moisture. N.B. The Aloe vera contained in the products is a non-regenerated pure gel (the aloe vera normally widely used comes in the form of powder to which more than 90% of water is added). Pure aloe vera gel has extraordinary moisturizing and soothing qualities.

The pH of MaterNatura's products is identical to the skin's pH.

Against Animal Testing
MaterNatura's finished products and single components are not tested on animals and do not contain animal substances.

Against Genetic Engineering
MaterNatura is against genetic manipulation and accepts only non-transgenic components from suppliers.

What is the difference?
Nature provides precious substances for healthy and beautiful skin, "essential fatty acids". The membranes of the cells are formed mainly by "essential fatty acids" that our body is not able to produce.

These can only be found in cold-pressed vegetal oils and in herbs. They are in fact extremely important for preventing wrinkles and the aging of skin. The "essential fatty acids" are destroyed if hot pressed, these essential fatty acids are not found in animal or synthetic substances like petroleum by-products or in mineral oil. We have just revealed one of the secrets of the extraordinary effectiveness of our products.

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