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About Our Organic Essential Oils

The Aromatherapist is the world’s largest line of certified organic, organic and wild-crafted essential oils. Our founder, Dr. Malte Hozzel, has selected all of the oils in our collection. His world travels, and multilingual abilities have allowed him to make personal relationships with farmers and distillers from around the globe.  Dr. Hozzel does not purchase from large commercial enterprises; instead he has purposefully chosen to work with smaller growers whose care and dedication to quality produces exquisite oils not readily found on the market today. It is interesting to note that many of the oils come from families that have been harvesting and distilling medicinal plants for generations. These growers and distillers practice methods of cultivation, which are in accordance with the natural law of the land and utilize methods of distillation, which do not damage the pure essences from the plants.

(Spartium Junceum)
The Aromatherapist collection relies on the revitalizing power of the plant in its pure and natural state.  When you purchase an Aromatherapist oil you can be sure it is 100% pure, unadulterated, undiluted, and from the particular botanical name that we provide you.  The focus of our business is to provide essential oils that stem strictly from Organic, Certified Organic and Wild-Crafted plants sources. We are well aware that organic oils are more costly than those of traditional farming methods but we feel this specialization is necessary when using oils for healthcare purposes.

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To further ensure a quality product our essential oils are tested and certified for purity by EcoCert, which has the highest standard of organic certification in Europe. EcoCert not only certifies the essential oils they also monitor the manufacturing of all our products.

Today our oils are sold in over 20 countries around the world and have been considered among the highest quality sold on the market.  Consider this quote from Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, author, educator and founder of The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy “Never have I seen such a rich collection of essential oils – The Aromatherapist oils are the finest I have ever used.”

(Lavandula Vera)

The Aromatherapist Distillation Standards
With the distillation process it is important, when it starts, how long it takes and which equipment is used (copper or high grade steel). A careful slow steam distillation under low pressure provides the best quality oil. Because the active constituents in medicinal plants have varied evaporation rates when exposed to heat, great attention is given during distillation to specific evaporation rates, as well as pressure, and temperature. This is an important step to ensure all biochemical constituents are captured and preserved, thus maintaining the integrity of the oil. Unfortunately, many oils sold by brokers and large commercial enterprises have been exposed to high heat and pressure in order to speed the distillation process and save on dollars. When money is the primary goal, the results can be devastating to the oil, as many of its vital therapeutic elements are forever lost.

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Classifications of The Aromatherapist Oils

Certified Organic: Farming & Distillation ~ Confirmed by well-known agencies that no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides has been used. Furthermore, the slow low-pressure distillation process used on these farms preserves the maximum number of active components in the essential oils. This process of manufacturing pure organic oils, which requires more time and involves higher risks, is usually only practiced in a few small family enterprises. As a result, the organic essential oils are more costly than those of conventional farming methods.

Most of our certified organic products are controlled by the following organizations: Simples (France), Demeter (Germany), Suolo e Salute (Italy), Agrobio (Portugal), Vida Sana (Spain), CRAE (Spain), Biotop (Israel)

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Organic Farming: ~ Like our certified organic, no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in the cultivation process. Distillation is low pressure. No overheating, slow distillation. The farmer is not a member of one of the controlling unions, but planting, harvesting and distillation are performed according to the old traditional methods without use of any chemical substances. Because of our close personal contact with these farms we are able to monitor their work and feel confident that no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of their essential oils.

Wild/Certified Organic
~ This category applies to oils stemming from wild grown plants, harvested and distilled according to controlled organic regulations. Their manufacturing does not differ from that of certified organic.

~ These essential oils are gathered from plants in their uncultivated, wild state. These oils are, in essence, organic and free from chemical residues, since the hand of nature has only touched the them.

Absolute ~ Absolutes are obtained by extracting oil from rare plants & flowers through the use of chemicals; such as hexane. Many feel absolutes are not true essential oils, therefore have no place in true aromatherapy. However, they are wonderful for use in blending exquisite perfumes and are more affordable than the distilled version. Still, some plants or flowers cannot be distilled at any level to produce oil so they can only be found as absolutes.

CO2 Extraction ~ CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide to extract the aromatic substances from the plants. This method allows a gentle treatment of the plants because the oil can be extracted at temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius.

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