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Deluxe Facial Oils
The Aromatherapist Facial Oils are a precious line of skin care oils that contain superior and rare carrier oils (or "base" oils), such as rose hip seed, jojoba, centella, etc. in combination with carefully selected pure essential oils from plants that are known for their beneficial cosmetic properties. These facial oils have the ability to balance, hydrate, heal and regenerate the skin's tissue. The carrier oils were chosen for their profound effect on scar tissue, wrinkles, acne, moisturizing capabilities, and for their ability to assist in the prevention of early signs of aging. Use these oils under make-up, alone or after a facial treatment. They are not oily and absorb into the skin almost immediately. Use 5-10 drops in the palm of your hand and gently rub into clean skin using a circular, lifting motion.
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Jojoba Gold Skin Oils
The Aromatherapist A "golden line" of precious skin care essential oils for the face, neck, hands and breast. Helps to slow the aging of the skin's cells. Use daily 5-10 drops; gently massage into the skin morning and night.
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Facial Treatment Spray's
Our facial treatments sprays are highly concentrated, aroma-therapeutic blends. They are combinations of organic hydrosols of: Rose, Cistus, Witch Hazel, Neroli & Lavender waters with Aloe Vera Gel. Use in the morning & evening after cleansing the skin, spray or splash over your face and neck. A crucial step in skin care treatment to tone the skin & assist absorption of our facial preparations.
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