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Massage Oils
The Aromatherapist Organic Massage Oils are like all our products, free from synthetic components and 100% pure nature. These massage oils are a wonderful medium by which one may experience the healing powers of an aroma massage. The base oils are from certified organic farming, such as hazelnut oil, sesame oil, sunflower, olive, rose hip seed, sweet almond and jojoba. These carrier oils are specially formulated with high quality pure essential oils to create different therapeutic affects. The Aromatherapist massage oils provide considerably more essential oils than that which is normally found in other brands. Because of this, it is possible to further dilute the concentration by using one of our carrier oils (up to 4 times). Our extraordinary massage oils are intended for daily use to nourish the skin and promote a healthy body and mind. You may also use any of these as bath oil.
Massage Oils: Sizes: 50ml = (1.3oz.) 100ml = (3.3oz.)
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Bath Oils
The Aromatherapist Bath Oils are made with certified organic skin care oils such as; jojoba, sweet almond and sesame combined with 100% pure essential oils formulated to relax & calm the nerves. These luxurious oils will soothe and condition the skin and may be used in a bath, applied to the skin before showering or put into a relaxing and cleansing foot bath. These oils are a 15% concentration and may be further diluted.
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