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The Aromatherapist Floral Waters (also known as hydrosols or hydrolates) are the products derived naturally from the distillation process of medicinal plants (essential oils), and therefore the water is infused with the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. This is quite different than merely using distilled water and adding a few drops of essential oil.

Our Floral Waters are 100% pure and are from organic and wild crafted sources. We suggest using these floral waters to hydrate and tone the skin after cleaning, to sooth and moisturize the body after massage, sauna or day in the sun and as a natural cleansing agent. They make delightful pillow sprays, room sprays or a light body scent. Floral waters can be applied directly to the skin, because they are already in a diluted form (unlike pure essential oils that need to have a base added).

Many of our floral waters are seasonal - please e-mail for current availability.

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