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The Aromatherapist Synergistic Blends have been skillfully blended by our founder, Dr. Malte Hozzel. He has a special gift for creating some of the most exquisite and unique aromatherapy blends available. His secret may be in the vast number of essential oils used in each formula or the combined aroma of the rare botanicals he incorporates as a 'hint' of something unusual and wonderful! Whatever it may be, it is truly a gift of rare and extraordinary talent.

The Aromatherapist synergies are compositions of 100% pure and natural single essential oils blended together with the specific intention of enhancing their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. They are designed to relax, uplift, purify, balance and create a refuge of serenity. You may use these synergies in many ways to enrich your daily routine. Once you have experienced an Aromatherapist Synergy it will not soon be forgotten.
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We recommend using synergies in the following ways:

· Room - Aroma lamps (candle or electric), micro-diffuser, humidifiers, radiators, room sprays and more.

· Water - Bath or sauna: mix 5-10 drops of blend (diluted with soap, shampoo, honey, milk or cream) to use for bath. Or dilute with 95% water on the hot stones in saunas.

· Skin - Massage (diluted in vegetable oils) for energy point massage, local massage or friction and reflex zone massage.

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