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This is The Aromatherapist™ seminar center and test farm for medicinal plants situated near the medieval village of Aurel in High Provence, France, and is the home of The Aromatherapist’s founder, Dr. Malte Hozzel and his wife, Veronique. This area was declared by UNESCO to be a ‘natural monument of mankind’.

This charming site offers visitors many a secluded corner for walks and discoveries, where fields of lavender, clary sage, mountain thyme or hyssop alternate with rosemary, wild immortelle, and where in hidden clearings pine, cypress and juniper diffuse their scents. In the summertime we distill our own herbs, and our guests can participate in the alchemistic transformation of medicinal plants into essential oils.

Orto de Prouvenco is opened to the public during the European summer between May and September. This is a six-day seminar for international groups from all continents. Our seminars consist of six days practical introduction or advanced training in aromatherapy with morning, afternoon and evening sessions. We harvest our own plants, distill our own essential oils, learn about their therapeutic effects, visit farms and gain insight into the overall use of essential oils. You will experience the distillation of lavender, sage, thyme and other medicinal plants, enjoy botanical walks, discuss with growers, and gain knowledge of the more rare essential oils.

This facility has two beautiful villas located on 150 acres and offers 17 charmingly furnished quest rooms, each with its own bath. Both of the facilities offer spectacular views of the mountains of Drome.

You will enjoy comfortable dining surrounded by fields of lavender and deliciously prepared certified organically grown foods by our Provencal Chef.

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