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“I received my order and am very pleased with the oils.  They are very, very nice.  I will recommend your business to other people looking for good essential oils.”

-- Lucinda

I purchased the Lifting Facial Oil and absolutely love it.  I noticed immediate results under my eyes and that was the area I was concerned about.  Thanks for wonderful products.  I will shop here more often.  Prices are great too!”

-- Janice (Naples, FL)

“I have gotten hooked on your Macadamia-Nut oil and I live out of the country in Honduras.  Where can I buy some soon!”

-- Kay (Honduras)

“I wanted to let you know I love your new method of packing each bottle for shipment.  Everything arrived 100% perfect!”

-- Barbara (Wisconsin)

“We are all so happy with The Aromatherapist line of oils.  The quality is fabulous!”

-- Nicole (Buyer - Terra (New York)

“I got my first order!  Thank you very much!  They are absolutely beautiful!  The myrrh is exquisite!  VERY different from what I have now.  And the ginger is much more subtle, and “natural” than what I have used in the past.”

-- Anet (Texas)

“Thank you very much for the essential oil samples, each was beautiful!  We look forward to ordering from you in the future.”
-- Donna W. (California)

“Dear Jen, I am so impressed with you.  The fact that you took all this time to correspond with me on this important subject matter means a lot to me.  And it makes me feel more secure about ordering with your company.”

-- Valerie (Florida)

“I just received my order and I wanted to let you know I love everything, my favorite is the blend Transcend!”

-- Susan (Bethesda, MD)

“ I discovered your oils at a store in Seattle, WA.  I was excited to find a product of such high quality.  I was very impressed with your website, and all the information that you give.”

-- Dee (Seattle)

“I have been purchasing your products for about a year.  Which I discovered soon after I got into aromatherapy.  I am sure I don’t have to tell you that I have not found any other oils near the quality of yours.  In fact, I use to go to our local Whole Foods store and would try out your headache and anxiety relief oils and they instantly took away my stress & headache.”

-- Debbie (North Carolina)

“ I received my first order of essential oils.  WONDERFUL!!  Far superior to other suppliers.  Please send a new catalog soon.”

-- Kate ( Virginia)

“Could you please let me know if I could buy your “Joint Massage Oil” directly from you.  I have moved and cannot find it at a store near me.  I am all out and it has helped me sooo much!”

-- Mary (Illinois)

“ Thank you for your support & EXCELLENT service.”

-- Larry ( California)

“Thanks for great service”

-- Suzanne (Mass)

“ Thanks for your help!  I’ll keep you posted on the results of using your Melissa oil.  Thanks for being so helpful!”

-- James (TEXAS)

“ Dear Pam & Jen,  Thank you for your prompt, EXTRA attention to my order!  I appreciate your extra efforts and having your oils for my consulting/workshops was a plus!  I am referring others to you.”

-- Kelly (Mass)

“ Thank you SO MUCH for your generous donation to my “herbs for pet’s” workshop.  The hydrosols and eo’s were a big hit!  I was pleased to recommend your company!  Thanks again!”

-- CJ

“Thanks for the oils!  Me and my friends love them!”

-- Mark (North Carolina)

“ We have been buying The Aromatherapist oils for years and they are the best selling brand in our store!”  “We love you!”

-- Kay (Whole Foods Market)

“Your OMEGA II SPECIAL Facial Oil has done wonders for my wife’s skin.  Please do not EVER run out!”

-- Larry (TEXAS)

“All of us at Whole Foods are so thrilled with your line of products!  Thankfully, we were able to get a good quality brand in our store.  Thanks for the extra attention.”

-- Sue (Buyer - Whole Foods Market)

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