Purity verses Profit

Why buy organic essential oils? 

The question has been asked many times: “why should I buy organic essential oils?”  Our answer is simple, while investigating new farms and looking for organic sources we have regrettably witnessed an increasing destruction of the soil due to the misuse of natural resources.  This is specifically due to the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in the production of medicinal plants (essential oils).  It is unfortunate that it appears that few are aware of the dramatic consequences of these widespread practices.  We know today that plants are extremely sensitive to the highly toxic substances used to “protect” them or increase their yields.  These toxins can result in subtle changes right down to the genetic structure within the plant, giving rise to deviated plants with a weakened defense system.  It becomes more and more evident today that the use of chemicals in medicinal plant farming may not only significantly reduce the number of years a perennial, e.g. lavender, will survive, but also contradicts the very purpose of committing oneself to nature and health.

Whenever we make contact with the new farmers and distillers we immediately draw their attention to the far-reaching positive consequences of responsible ecological farming.  In addition, essential oils are very powerful healing agents, many are able to penetrate the skins layers and enter the blood stream within seconds.  You need to be assured that the ‘healing’ products you are purchasing are not actually harming you and allowing these harsh chemicals to enter your body.While it is true that chemicals produce larger plants and greater yields in the short run, one has to look at the long-term effects on the soil, the plant itself and the health of humans and animals. 

Many manufacturers will tell you that organic oils are not an important aspect of true aromatherapy but this is mostly due to the high cost associated with purchasing organic oils and for personal profit interest.  We have found that while it is true that cost may prohibit some consumers from purchasing organic essential oils it is far more important to us that we provide pure, clean and potent aromatherapy products. 

When you purchase organic oils, you are protecting the health of the farm workers, eliminating the opportunity for deadly and harmful chemicals to enter our water systems and helping to protect some of the beauty Mother Nature provides.  Essential oils are gifts to us from nature and should be treated with the utmost respect for the value they bring to our lives.

The Aromatherapist is committed to supporting organic farming practices and will only purchase from suppliers that can guarantee all of their oils are grown without the use of chemicals.