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Synergistic Blends

The Aromatherapist Synergistic Blends have been skillfully blended by our founder, Dr. Malte Hozzel. He has a special gift for creating some of the most exquisite and unique aromatherapy blends available.  His secret may be in the vast number of essential oils used in each formula or the combined aroma of the rare botanicals he incorporates as a ‘hint’ of something unusual and wonderful! Whatever it may be, it is truly a gift of rare and extraordinary talent.

The Aromatherapist synergies are compositions of 100% pure and natural single essential oils blended together with the specific intention of enhancing their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. They are designed to relax, uplift, purify, balance and create a refuge of serenity. You may use these synergies in many ways to enrich your daily routine. Once you have experienced an Aromatherapist Synergy it will not soon be forgotten.

Following is a list of our synergies, noting the first three or four single oils in the blend.  Keep in mind, each synergy has between 10 to 40 different single essential oils.

We recommend using synergies in the following ways:
Alpha Listing of Synergies for Ordering:
If you wish to print our price list, please click here for instructions.
A Changing Woman Clary sage, verbena, fennel… $12.00 10ml
A'Pealing Citrus Lemon, lime, bergamot, orange, lemongrass $9.00 10ml
All Spice Cinnamon bark, nutmeg, clove… $12.00 10ml
Anxiety Relief Myrtle, bergamot, angelica, lavender… $11.00 10ml
Aphrodisia Jasmine, wild chamomile, ylang, lavender… $20.00 10ml
Awakening Bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang… $12.00 10ml
Balancing Rosewood, Sandalwood, Cedar $15.00 10ml
Bouquet of Roses Geranium, palmarosa, rosewood… $12.00 10ml
Breathe Free Myrtle, spike-lavender, eucalyptus, hyssop… $12.00 10ml
Caribbean Delight Vanilla, ylang ylang, clove… $17.00 10ml
Care Free Mandarin, eucalyptus, lavender… $11.00 10ml
Celebration Frankincense, bergamot, myrrh, star-anis… $14.00 10ml
Citrus Lemon yellow, lemongrass, lime… $9.00 10ml
Clarity Basil, rosewood, rose geranium $13.00 10ml
Clean Air Thyme thymol, lemon, rosemary… $10.00 10ml
Clear Mind Silver fir, orange, lemon, verbena… $15.00 10ml
Cold n' Flu Sea pine, niaouli, cajeput, lavender $10.00 10ml
Deep Peace Lavender highland, bergamot, sandalwood… $17.00 10ml
Digestive Aid Sea pine, niaouli, cajeput, lavender $15.00 10ml
Dreamtime Lemon mint, lavender highland, mandarin green $16.00 10ml
Emotional Support Blue Cham., cardamom, helichrysum $26.00 10ml
Energy Geranium, lemon mint, bergamot… $12.50 10ml
Ethereal Chamomile wild, grapefruit, bergamot, lime… $15.00 10ml
Feminine Radiance Clary Sage, Turkish rose, angelica root $26.00 10ml
Forest Firs: balsam, Siberian, hemlock, douglas, silver… $15.00 10ml
Harmony Frankincense, mandarin, rose geranium, orange.. $18.00 10ml
Immune Enhancing Spike lavender, rosemary, lemongrass… $11.90 10ml
Inner Peace Fir, geranium, lavender, sage $14.00 10ml
Insect Away Lavender, eucalyptus, clove… $11.40 10ml
Inspiration Leptosperum, jasmine sambac, rose $16.00 10ml
Joy Frankincense, balsam, cinnamon, green lemon… $18.00 10ml
Mind, Body & Soul Orange, petitgrain, mimosa abs… $21.00 10ml
Peaceful Dreams Mandarin, orange, cinnamon bark… $12.00 10ml
Positive Thinking Benzoin, ylang, atlas cedar, chamomile… $20.00 10ml
Provencal Juniper, pine, lavender, clary sage…  $15.00 10ml
Purifying Rosemary born, grapefruit, lemon, clary sage… $11.00 10ml
Rain Forest Lemon green, orange, lime… $9.00 10ml
Rejuvenating Lavender extra, geranium, clove… $11.00 10ml
Relaxing Mandarin, eucalyptus, petitgrain… $12.00 10ml
Relaxing Extra Ylang extra, chamomile, lavender extra… $21.00 10ml
Rendezvous Mimosa abs., rose abs., bergamot, orange… $16.00 10ml
Sacred Nights Ho-Oil, bergamot, jasmine abs… $23.00 10ml
Seduction Vanilla, cassia cinnamon, patchouli, mimosa, bergamot $18.00 10ml
Soothing Gurjum, cistus, fokienia, myrrh… $12.00 10ml
Spa Sea pine, balsam fir, rosemary, eucalyptus… $11.00 10ml
Spirituality Rose abs., rock rose (cistus), myrrh… $21.00 10ml
Stress Free Sandalwood, ravensara, sweet lavender… $13.00 10ml
Sweet Awakening Rose abs., vanilla, orange… $11.00 10ml
Temptress Grapefruit, lemon, rosewood… $12.00 10ml
Tension/Headache Relief Petitgrain bergamot, zimbani, rosewood… $10.00 10ml
Transcend Frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh… $24.00 10ml
Tropical Breeze Jasmine sambac, vanilla abs., tonka bean… $18.00 10ml
Wake Up! Ho Oil, orange sweet, basil holy $10.00 10ml
Wellbeing Grapefruit, lemon, ylang, vanilla, rosewood… $15.00 10ml
Massage Oils
The Aromatherapist Floral Massage Oils are like all our products, free from synthetic components and 100% pure nature. These massage oils are a wonderful medium by which one may experience the healing powers of an aroma massage. The base oils are from controlled organic farming, such as hazelnut oil, sesame oil, sunflower, olive, rosa rubiginosa, sweet almond and jojoba. These carrier oils are specially formulated with high quality pure essential oils to create different therapeutic affects. The Aromatherapist massage oils provide considerably more essential oils than that which is normally found in other brands. Because of this, it is possible to further dilute the concentration by using one of our carrier oils (up to 4 times). Our extraordinary massage oils are intended for daily use to nourish the skin and promote a healthy body and mind. You may also use any of these as bath oil.
Alpha Listing For Ordering Massage Oils: Sizes: 50ml = (1.3oz.) 100ml = (3.3oz.)
Click on name for description.
Name Price Size Qty Cart
Baby Care Massage Oil $16.00 100ml
Muscle & Sports Healing Tonic $14.00 100ml
Blossoms, Leaves & Fruits Massage Oil $16.00 50ml
Slim Silhouette Massage Oil $14.00 100ml
Joint Massage Oil $12.00 50ml
Stress Free Massage Oil $14.00 100ml
Revitalizing Massage Oil $14.00 50ml
Mother Care Massage Oil (For Pregnancy) $16.00 100ml
Pedicure Massage Oil $12.00 50ml
Relaxing Massage Oil $11.00 100ml
Soothing Extra Massage Oil $9.00 50ml
Carrier Oils
The Aromatherapist Carrier Oils are derived almost exclusively from controlled organic sources and therefore do not contain any traces of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These carrier oils have been selected for their many beneficial effects on the skin and are the basis of many of The Aromatherapist skin care products. Carrier oils are vegetable, nut or seed oils, many of which have therapeutic properties. They are applicable in many ways, for body massage, facials, bath oils and can be used in combination with essential oils. The Aromatherapist Carrier Oils are 100% natural and in most cases cold-pressed and unrefined. We list brief descriptions and therapeutic effects of our carrier oils, please look to an aromatherapy book for recipes and further usages of carrier oils.
Alpha Listing of Carrier Oils for Ordering:
Click on name for description.
Name: Price Size Qty. Cart
Apricot Kernel Cold Pressed $14.00 200ml
Avocado Certified Organic/CPrs $14.00 200ml
Borage Seed Organic/Cold Pressed $33.00 30ml
Centella (in sweet almond) $18.00 30ml
Chaulmogra Organic/Cold Pressed $38.00 200ml
Coconut Organic/Extraction $13.00 250ml
Evening Primrose Organic/Cold Pressed $26.00 30ml
Grapeseed Extraction $6.00 200ml
Hazelnut Certified Organic/Cprs $24.00 200ml
Hempseed Certified Organic/CPrs $25.00 200ml
Inophyllum Calophyllum Wild/Cold Pressed $27.00 30ml
Jojoba Organic/Cold Pressed $18.00 100ml
Macadamia-Nut Cold Pressed $13.00 200ml
Neem Oil Organic/Cold Pressed $38.00 200ml
Olive Oil Certified Organic/CPrs $13.00 200ml
Pumpkin Seed Certified Organic/CPrs $25.00 200ml
Rosa Rubiginosa CO2 - Rose Hip Seed $48.00 30ml
Rosa Rubiginosa Extraction $23.00 30ml
Safflower Certified Organic/CPrs $11.00 200ml
Sesame Certified Organic/CPrs $11.00 200ml
Shea-Butter $31.00 250ml
Sunflower Certified Organic/CPrs $11.00 200ml
Sweet Almond Organic/Cold Pressed $19.00 200ml
Walnut Cold Pressed $26.00 200ml
Wheatgerm Cold Pressed $21.00 200ml
Floral Facial Oils
The Aromatherapist Floral Facial Oils are a precious line of skin care oils that contain superior and rare carrier oils (or "base" oils), such as rosa rubiginosa, jojoba, centella, etc. in combination with carefully selected pure essential oils from plants that are known for their beneficial cosmetic properties. These facial oils have the ability to balance, hydrate, heal and regenerate the skin's tissue. The carrier oils were chosen for their profound effect on scar tissue, wrinkles, acne, moisturizing capabilities, and for their ability to assist in the prevention of early signs of aging. Use these oils under make-up, alone or after a facial treatment. They are not oily and absorb into the skin almost immediately. Use 5-10 drops in the palm of your hand and gently rub into clean skin using a circular, lifting motion.
Alpha Listing For Ordering Massage Oils: Size: 30ml (1oz.)
Click on name for description.
Name Price Size Order Cart
Delicate Skin Facial Oil $11.00 30ml
Superior Facial Oil $11.00 30ml
Omega II Special Facial Oil $22.00 30ml
Wrinkle Free Facial Oil $11.00 30ml
Wild Rose Deluxe Skin Care Oil $50.00 30ml
Jojoba Gold Skin Care Oils
The Aromatherapist A "golden line" of precious skin care essential oils for the face, neck, hands and breast. Helps to slow the aging of the skin's cells. Use daily 5-10 drops; gently massage into the skin morning and night.
Alpha Listing For Ordering Jojoba Gold Skin Care Oils: Size: 30ml (1oz.)
Click on name for description.
Name Price Size Order Cart
Rose-Jojoba Oil $14.00 50ml
Sun-Jojoba Oil $14.00 50ml
Floral Waters
The Aromatherapist Floral Waters (also known as hydrosols or hydrolates) are the products derived naturally from the distillation process of medicinal plants (essential oils), and therefore the water is infused with the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. This is quite different than merely using distilled water and adding a few drops of essential oil.
Our Floral Waters are 100% pure and are from organic and wild crafted sources. We suggest using these floral waters to hydrate and tone the skin after cleaning, to sooth and moisturize the body after massage, sauna or day in the sun and as a natural cleansing agent. They make delightful pillow sprays, room sprays or a light body scent. Floral waters can be applied directly to the skin, because they are already in a diluted form (unlike pure essential oils that need to have a base added).
Many of our floral waters are seasonal - please for current availability.
Alpha Listing of Floral Waters for Ordering: 200ml = (6.6oz.) Liter = (33.3oz.)
Name Cultivation Price Size Qty Cart
Bay Laurel Certified Organic $16.00 200ml
Good for hair & scalp as a tonic, aids bruises, good for gland inflammations, fatty areas,
boils and more.
Bulgarian Rose Traditional $18.00 200ml
Bulgarian Rose Traditional $58.00 Liter
This floral water is bactericidal and antiseptic; good for use as an astringent in skin care.
Wild Carrot Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
Great for mature skin, helpful treatment for wrinkles, psoriasis and rashes. One of the best waters for use on all skin types and great for use with many skin problems.
Chamomile Blue Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
Chamomile blue hydrosol is good for excessive acne problems, dermatitis and severely infected skin. In combination with German chamomile and blue yarrow it clears acne within days.
Chamomile Roman Organic $19.00 200ml
Chamomile Roman is very tranquilizing, use as a pillow spray to promote a deep rest. Soothes inflamed skin.
Cistus Wild/Organic $19.00 200ml
Anti-inflammatory, helps to stop blood flow, purifying and anti-septic to the skin.
Clary Sage Certified Organic $16.00 200ml
This floral water is a great cell regenerator, especially good for wrinkles and aged skin.
Also for use in cases of fungal infections.
Eucalyptus Wild/Organic $16.00 200ml
Preventative and stimulating to the skin, also good for respiratory problems.
Fennel Wild $16.00 200ml
Fennel is a good astringent for dull, oily and mature skin.
Forest Mint Wild $9.00 200ml
Geranium Rose Certified Organic $11.00 200ml
A fantastic skin care hydrosol for all skin types and ages. It can be used to combat dry skin and may be added to any face cleanser, mask or toner. It is an excellent moisturizer and helps to calm sunburns, redness, broken capillaries and roscea. Suzanne Catty suggest combining it with German Chamomile, cornflower or cistus.
Helichrysum Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
Anti-bacterial, purifying, for eczema, acne and allergies of the skin. Also extremely useful on bruised skin.
Lavender Organic $18.00 200ml
Lavender Organic $58.00 Liter
This floral water is extremely soothing to the skin in case of burns, cuts or sunburn. Good antiseptic as well.
Lemongrass Organic $26.00 200ml
This floral water is a prime candidate for skin care as it acts as an anti-oxidant, a tissue toner, tightens and improves elastin and works to ease enlarged pores.
Lime Wild $19.00 200ml
Use on the skin as an astringent; also helps to ease skin inflammations.
Marjoram Wild $19.00 200ml
Use before sleep as a soothing pillow spray.
Melissa Traditional $16.00 200ml
Use for herpes, fungal infections, wounds and insect bites.
Myrtle Wild $19.00 200ml
This water is very anti-infectious, and good for mature skin.
Narde (Spikenard) Wild $26.00 200ml
Use this hyrdosol for irritated and inflamed skin, also regenerative for aging skin. In hair and scalp formulas it works on greasy and oily hair.
Neroli (orange blossom) Traditional $18.00 200ml
Niaouli Wild $26.00 200ml
Great room spray to relax your mood and refresh the atmosphere. Good astringent properties for delicate and normal skin. Avoid use with very dry skin.
Oregano Wild $9.00 200ml
Safer than the essential oil, no risk of dermocausticity (Suzanne Catty says). Good as a mouthwash
Peppermint Certified Organic $16.00 200ml
This floral water is very stimulating, tonifying and has good preventative properties.
Ravensara Wild $26.00 200ml
This floral water is strongly anti-bacterial, anti-infectious and anti-septic, use on chronic skin diseases.
Rosemary Wild $16.00 200ml
Helps to fight against low blood pressure, very stimulating to the circulatory system and refreshing facial toner.
Rosemary Verbenone Wild $16.00 200ml
Good for all chronic skin problems, broken veins and acts as a cell regenerator.
Sandalwood Wild $26.00 200ml
This floral water is an excellent addition to any skin care treatment in that it is regenerating, good for mature skin, wrinkles, dry and chapped skin, as well as purifying and anti-inflammatory.
St. John’s Wort Wild/Organic $19.00 200ml
Good for skin care for its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties.
Tea Tree Certified Organic $20.00 200ml
This water is extremely anti-bacterial and purifying, therefore excellent for acne and impurities of the skin.
Thyme Sweet, Linalol Organic $19.00 200ml
Preventative and tonifying.
Thyme Thuyanol Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
Is anti-infectious, for dermatitis, acne, also for oily and infected skin.
Verbena (lemon) Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
Soothing, clarifying, relaxing and tonifying to the skin.
Vetiver Wild $26.00 200ml
Vetiver floral water works on the dermis layer to hydrate, detoxify and acts as a cell regenerator to the skin.
Yarrow Certified Organic $19.00 200ml
This floral water is very antibacterial and is good for rashes, acne and inflamed skin.
Witch Hazel (Hammemelis) Wild $26.00 200ml
A wonderful toner for use to fight bacteria and fungal infections of the skin. Suzanne Catty recommends it for cracked, blistered skin, eczema and psoriasis.
The Aromatherapist Hair Products are two very unique hair care products developed to promote healthy hair and scalp.
Click on name for description.
Item Ingredients Price Size Order Cart
Strengthening Hair Tonic Essential Oils: Field thyme, lemon, rosemary $12.00 100ml
Nourishing Hair & Scalp Oil Essential Oils: Sandalwood, lavender, sage, spikenard $16.00 100ml
The Aromatherapist ~ Aromatherapy Diffusers
AQUAROMA – Aromatherapy Fountain Diffuser
Colors Available: Natural, Cobalt Blue & Black.
 AQUAROMA - Natural ~ $60.00 
 AQUAROMA - Cobalt Blue ~ $60.00 
 AQUAROMA - Black ~ $60.00 

Aquaroma Natural Photo Coming Soon!

Product of GERMANY
Now you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy while also enjoying the pleasing & soothing sound effects of a water fountain! This ceramic diffuser is available in two colors: cobalt blue or natural. It effectively scents up to 500 sq. ft. and is extremely simple to set-up and operate. If you are looking to simply scent a room – look no further ~ this unit works better scenting rooms than most of the fan-driven diffusers we have tried. The AQUAROMA fountain diffuser pump, imported from Germany, is created specifically for using essential oils. Most fountain pumps would shut down or clog up if essential oils were put into the system.
SPECIAL NOTE: Do not use heavy oils (patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, etc.) or carrier oils in this unit!

Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser
Price ~ $25.00 
Low cost, using 1/10th the power of a 60-wattbulb.  Covers 500 square feet. Includes 5 replacement pads. Diffusion through natural method of heat convection. Safe, easy to use, completely silent, and ideal for use during sleep, at your desk, or in treatment rooms. This unit is perfect size to take with you on trips to help reduce the odor of stale hotel rooms or smoke filed rooms.
The Aromatherapist ~ Nebulizing Diffusers
Why are nebulizing diffusers the preferred choice of aromatherapists world wide!
Inhaling diffused essential oils has long been considered a highly effective method of introducing the healing benefits of aromatherapy into the body. The practice strongly affects the limbic system of our brain through the olfactory nerves and generates profound psychotropic effects. Of all known methods of diffusion, the European-style nebulizing diffuser is considered the most efficient. It alone places therapeutic quantities of properly ionized and sized molecules into the atmosphere for inhalation.
Here’s how it works. Essential oils are nebulized (vaporized) in the lower chamber. Before the vapor can exit the nebulizer, it travels over several glass baffles, which hold back larger molecules and allow the finer particles (between 1 and 4 microns) to be released into the atmosphere.
You benefit from this action in two ways.
1. Particles of this size stay suspended in the air for long periods of time and maximize the fragrance effect of your oils.
2. When inhaled, these finer particles are considered the optimum size for deep therapeutic action with the lungs.
Additionally, the glass baffles act as vortex generators and create a substantial amount of turbulence to help ionize the oil vapor as it leaves the nebulizer.
The following Comparison Chart can help you choose which diffuser best suits your needs:
MODEL Sq. Ft. On/Off Sound Built-in Reason To Buy - Covered Switch Level, Timer
AX-801 300 sq. ft. NO 2 NO Low Cost
AX-803 900 sq. ft. NO 5 NO Best Value
AX-807 1500 sq. ft. YES 2/3 NO Adjustability
AX-200 300 sq. ft. YES 1 NO Quiet Operation
AX-808 1500 sq. ft. 3-way 2/3 YES Most Features
We offer FIVE different Nebulizing Diffusers:
IMPORTANT: Please note that if you use of carrier oils, or heavy oils (ex. Patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, jasmine, etc.) in your nebuilizing diffuser it will clog up and void any warranty. You should only use citrus and floral notes in these types of diffuser. Regularly using Vodka to clean out the glass nebulizer will help to extend the life of your diffuser.

# AX-801 - Personal Model Diffuser
Price ~ $50.00 

# AX-803 - Home Model Diffuser
Price ~ $70.00 
The smallest, lowest cost nebulizer. Perfect for a single room, office or dorm. A powerhouse diffuser that will fragrance a huge room or multiple rooms up to 900 sq. ft.  An ideal diffuser for salons or will easily fragrance up to 300 square feet. Commercial establishments as well as home use.

# AX-807 - Standard Model Diffuser
Price ~ $130.00 

# AX-200 - Serenity Model Diffuser
Price ~ $70.00 
Variable speed pump controls output to any level you desire. The World’s quietest nebulizing diffuser! Quiet enough for a bedroom - a must for sound-sensitive individuals.. You have to touch it to see if it’s running. The perfect diffuser for treatment rooms or bedrooms at lowest speed, or will quickly fragrance up to 1500 sq. ft. at maximum speed. Includes inline ON/OFF switch and six-foot power cord. Built- in air-flow adjuster.

# AX-808 - Deluxe Model Diffuser
Price ~ $180.00 
The most feature-rich diffuser on the market today! Variable speed pump lets you control the output for large areas (up to 1500 sq. ft.) or small spaces (100 square feet or less). 3-way switch lets you choose between Continuous and Intermittent Operation. Intermittent cycle runs pump at the speed you’ve set for 5 minutes on, turns the motor off for 25 minutes, and then repeats the cycle. This conserves oil and reduces olfactory fatigue syndrome.
Product Descriptions
Baby Care Massage Oil  Lavender Highland, Chamomile, Fir, Rosemary…A gentle blend, safe & effective for baby's tender skin.  Babies love to be gently massaged with loving hands.  Massage is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, and you will be happy as they respond and prosper during these special moments you share.  Prepares them for a night of sweet dreams, while softening the skin.
Muscle & Sports Healing Tonic  Fir Rosemary Mint Cypress… This is a great massage oil for all types of sports related injuries including muscles sprains and strains. To be used after any challenging physical exertion. Use in a bath or for massage to soothe tired, sore muscles.
Blossoms-Leafs-Fruits Vanilla, cassia cinnamon, patchouli, mimosa, bergamot... Contains more than 41 different oils! A fantasy blend for a refined and enchanting evening massage. Warm & luxuriant.  Patchouli is known to help with stress disorders; mimosa relieves anxiety; bergamot uplifts, balances and opens the heart; while cassia is good for relieving insomnia.
Slim Silhouette Massage Oil  Cypress, juniper, cedar, eucalyptus dives…This massage oil helps to release toxins and wastes from the body.  The  essential oils in this blend, such as cypress, stimulate circulation and are great for water retention, cellulite and varicose veins. Juniper is a  stimulant and is perfect to tone and refresh the skin.  Cedar atlas is a lymphatic tonic and releases impurities from the system. This massage oil is designed to specifically be used on areas troubled by cellulite. Detoxifying.
Revitilizing Massage Oil  Mint, lime, lemon, wild marjoram… Ideal to use during the long, hot summer to cool & refresh.  Lemon stimulates circulation & is uplifting to the system after strong physical  stress, mint helps excite the motor & sensory-touch nerves & is great for relieving sunburns.  Wild marjoram helps ease muscle spasms.    A "Cooling" Massage following your daily shower is just they way to beat the heat!  Brrrr!
Stress Free Massage Oil Sandalwood, petigrain extra, lavender, bitter orange…This massage oil puts emphasis on the soft, soothing affects of relaxation to help unwind built-up tensions and fatigue from the day's activity and emotional challenges.  Those parts of the body, which are feeling tension, should be treated with this oil by soft pressure and gentle rotation massage.
Joint Massage Oil  Thyme thymol, birch, eucalyptus…This special blend is designed to help eliminate arthritic or rheumatic problems, as well as lumbago and sciatic pains.   Birch is an anti-inflammatory, great for any joint or sore muscle pains.  Thyme thymol has the ability to release joint blocks and is good for any type of sports injury.  Eucalyptus is used in cases of arthritis, muscular aches and sprains.  Use as a local massage on painful area.
Mother Care Massage Oil (for pregnancy)  Lemongrass, lavender highland, cardamom… A safe blend for expecting mothers.  When used on a daily basis it helps to  prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Pedicure Massage Oil  Oregano, cinnamon, tea tree… This special massage blend is ideal for soothing achy, tired feet. Helps to maintain healthy feet, fights fungus & impurities.  Oregano is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial, cinnamon is very anti-infectious, ideal for any cuts or wounds of the feet. Tea tree is an excellent remedy for athlete's foot.
Relaxing Massage Oil  Birch, nutmeg, tarragon, camphor, bay laurel… A finely perfumed synergy, rich in esters, known for their sedative  qualities, and made of precious ingredients to enhance well being and a relaxed and harmonious feeling in the body.  Massage gently into the body after or before evening bath.
Soothing Extra  Lavender extra, chamomile roman, ylang… Massage oil for the evening consisting of grounding essential oils, which help you unwind after a stressful day.  Each of the essential oils in this selection is incredibly relaxing to the nervous system.  Great for use before sleep to achieve a deep rest.
Apricot Kernel (prunus armeniaca) – cold-pressed
This is a very precious oil with a short shelf life.  You should purchase immediately after its pressing to ensure the quality and keep refrigerated or in a dark cool place when storing.  Apricot kernel is light, finely textured base oil that is extracted from the seed kernel of the apricot fruit.  It is very rich in gamma linoleic acid and produces a small amount of free radical fighting anti-oxidants, as well as Vitamin E.  Extremely good in skin care preparations, for all skin types, especially premature aging skin, wrinkles, inflamed or dry skin. Use as a 10-50% dilution with any facial care preparation.
Avocado Oil (persea americana) – cold-pressed
The finest quality oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of the fruit.  It has a slight emerald green hue, which is important to note in order to obtain the quality you are looking for.  This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, as well as beta-carotene and vitamin E.  It is superb for treatment of aging skin because of its ability to penetrate deep into the skin layers.  It is also ideal for treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.  It has shown to improve eslastin and to help cell regeneration.  Use as a 10% additive in any cosmetic blend.
Borage Seed Oil (borago officinalis) – cold-pressed
This oil is cold-pressed or solvent extracted from the seed of the plant.  This oil is rich in essential fatty acids and is one of the highest GLA sources known.  It is a great oil for maintaining healthy skin.  It is helpful on prematurely aged skin to promote cell regeneration.  Use on all skin types as a 10% additive.  It is rather expensive oil, therefore; smaller amounts are added to skincare preparations.
Calendula or Marigold (calendula officinalis)
This oil is obtained from the flowers of the marigold plant, picked when they are in full bloom from early to late summer.  Calendula is known to have antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory, astringent, wound healing, anti-fungal and antiseptic.  This oil is supreme in soothing sore, itchy, or burned skin.  You may use this oil to treat acne, swollen areas, broken capillaries and varicose veins.  This oil is also cell regenerative and therefore ideal for use on wrinkles and aging skin.  Use as a 15-25% additive or neat on the skin.  Mixing this oil with certain essential oils adds to its value, such as adding 1% tea tree to enhance its anti-fungal properties or geranium at 1% to increase its astringent effect.
Centella Oil - (Centella Asiatica)
Plant History & Extraction Method: The ancient Indian system of natural medicine, Ayurveda, considers Centella Oil, also known as "Brahmi Oil", one of the most important rasayanas (rejuvenating tonics) available.  Centella is a creeping plant with extensive roots spreading out into the soil.  The whole plant including its leaves, fruits and roots can be extracted.  Sometimes only the leaves are used.  The odor of the extracted Centella oil is lightly aromatic with a spicy and bitter taste that disappears when you dry it.
Skin Care Benefits: Centella oil was known, during the Middle Ages, as a "miracle remedy" which had the ability to heal injuries, ulcers and even Leprosy. In modern cosmetics the plant is fairly unknown.
Muriel Jodum, director of CIDESCO, an international organization of cosmetologists, had these observations about Centella " Research has shown that the Centella Asiatica oil has amazing effects on the general condition of the skin.  It gets lighter as new fine collagen fibers are produced.  Biopsies have proven this to be true.  As a medical treatment, the Centella Asiatica cures disorders of blood circulation like, blood clots.  It also supports the healing process of wounds, scars and burns.  Even with the treatment of old scars, you’ll get spectacular results."
Another important benefit of Centella is its effect on reducing fat cells, especially in case of cellulite.  The application of Centella is very easy.  It can be put on the skin directly or mixed in a penetrating gel.  In France, taking capsules of the extract complements the external treatment.  They stimulate the whole metabolism and functions as a natural diuretic.
Centella contains an active substance, Asiaticosid, which has marvelous healing properties for the skin.  According to Professor Dr. Hansen, from the University Clinic for Skin Treatment in Hamburg, Asiaticosid stimulates cell growth of the skin.  Its high concentration of tri-terpenes also makes it an important oil for skin care, having a stimulating effect on the biosynthesis of collagen.
Chaulmogra Oil (hydnocarpus laurifolia, H. kurzii) – cold-pressed
Use in external remedies only.  It is great for chronic skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, rheumatism, sprains and sciatic problems.  Use as an additive to a skin care blend or as a 100% base.
Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera) - extraction
This oil is very light, and is obtained by solvent extraction of the dried flesh of the coconut.  It is solid.  It is wonderful for aromatherapy use because it is odorless and will not mask the scent of essential oils.  Coconut oil is able to block out at least 20% of the sun’s UV rays.  Especially good for healing wounds and skin which is dry or itchy.  May be used on all types of skin.   Use as a 10-15% additive.  Most useful as a carrier for essential oil perfumes.
Evening Primrose (oenothera biennis) – solvent extraction
This oil has a very fine texture, and is vulnerable to heat so many producers will extract this oil using a solvent.  You may obtain an oil which is labeled cold-pressed but it had to go through some sort of heat to extract the oil, therefore making it less potent, containing fewer nutrients.  This is one of the few instances where a solvent-extraction method would result in a superior quality product.  In Europe this plant is known as the "King’s Cure All".  Evening primrose contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), vitamins and minerals.  When applied externally this oil is good for psoriasis, eczema, and wounds, acts as a moisturizer.  This oil is excellent in the prevention of prematurely aging skin in that it helps the regenerative process of cell growth, stimulates the circulation of the skin and revitalizes aging cells.  May also help to clear up wrinkles and blemishes due to skin dryness.  This oil can be found as an active ingredient in many of the world’s most famous skin creams and lotions.  Use as a 10% additive.
Grapeseed Oil (vitis vinifera) - extraction
The grape seeds contain approximately 6-20% oil.  The oil is pale green-yellow in color, is very pure, and extremely high in polyunsaturates.  It is absorbed into the skin very quickly, which is useful in aromatherapy because the essential oils can then easily penetrate into the skin.  Good as a skin astringent and for treating acne. Use as a 10-15% dilution in skin care remedies.
Hazelnut Oil (corylus avellana) – cold-pressed
This oil is also cold-pressed from hazelnuts.  It contains good levels of essential fatty acids, including linolenic acid and oleic acid.  This oil is highly penetrative, with a slightly astringent effect on the skin.  It is good for acne and combination skin types.  You may prefer to use this oil in a 50/50 % solution with less odorous base oil.  It is a popular oil for skin care preparations.
Hemp Seed Oil (cannabis sativa) – cold-pressed
Hemp seed is being called "Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil".  The best source is from freshly ground grains and whole seeds and is cold-pressed.  Hemp seed contains 19% omega-3, 57% omega-6, 12% omega-9 and has some percentage of gamma linolenic acid.  This oil has anti-inflammatory effects, which makes it extremely useful for arthritis and auto-immune disorders.  It is an excellent skin moisturizer and has shown, in some cases, to stimulate hair and nail growth.  Use as a 100% base or as an additive to any skin care formula.
Inophyllum Calophyllum (calophyllum inophyllum) – cold-pressed
This oil is cold pressed from the fruit kernels of the wild crafted plant grown in Madagascar.  It is an exceptional skin care oil, especially against inflammatory problems, acne and more.  It is also very effective in preventing hair loss and it gives hair a lustrous sheen.  Cold pressing ensures that all the healing properties or precious polyunsaturated fatty acids and lipoproteins are preserved.  Mix in therapeutic cosmetic blends, or place a few drops directly onto the skin or inflamed skin area.  Also may be used together with your shampoo or directly massaged into scalp 1-3 hours before shampooing hair.
Jojoba Oil (simmondsia chinensis) – cold-pressed
Jojoba is an evergreen desert shrub, native of Mexico, California and Arizona.  This oil is virtually colorless and odorless.  It is a great oil in that it needs little refining and is extremely stable.  The chemical structure of this oil resembles that of the skins’ own sebum.   Moisturizes the skin, also acts as an emulsifier, gently unclogging pores and freeing any embedded materials.  This oil may be used for treating acne and is a good anti-inflammatory.  It contains fatty acids, proteins and minerals that are vital for the protection and nourishment of the skin’s collagen.  Moreover, it provides some protection against UV rays.  Use in blends combined with essential oils as a stabilizer as well to extend the shelf life of product.
Rose-Jojoba Oil - rose blossoms, rose geranium, rosewood..
A precious, delicately fragranced synergy for rejuvenation of the skin. Rose is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin, for aid with broken capillaries, wrinkles, eczema and inflammations. Rose geranium is a cell regenerator and is extremely healing for scars and wounds. Rosewood balances combination skin, and is also good for acne and scars.
Sun-Jojoba Oil - tea tree, spikelavender, centella, rosa rubiginosa (rose hip)…
This oil has a slight protection for the skin against the harmful UV-rays of the sun. It combines the powerful effects of skin care oils: rose hip and centella oil, both of which are cell regenerators and exhibit properties that help repair sun damaged skin. For use under makeup or another SPF lotion. Helps fight against free radical damage.
Macadamia Nut Oil (macadamia integrifolia and M. ternifolia) – cold-pressed
The finest quality oil comes from Australia and is cold-pressed.  This oil is so unique and special because it is the only known plant oil to contain palmitoleic acid, an essential fatty acid found in sebum, providing a natural affinity to the skin.  It has very little aroma and is highly emollient making it especially good for dry skin.  Also good for use on aging skin and wrinkles.  Use as a 10% additive.
Neem Oil - Neem is a broad spectrum botanical insecticide and fungicide treatment derived from seeds of the neem tree.
Neem has been used for centuries in India for pest control. Neem can suffocate mites, whiteflies, aphids and other types of soft bodies insects on contact. It has been successful as an organic pesticide because insects have shown no resistance or immunity to it. How to use for pest control: mix with water at a ratio of .05% to 2% depending upon the targeted use. It must be used within 8 hours of mixing with water. In skin care neem is used as an excellent moisturizer and for treatment in cases of acne, eczema, hives, dermatitis, ringworms and rashes.
Olive Oil (olea europaea) – cold-pressed
This oil must be virgin-pressed, use extra virgin and virgin only.  They both contain useful levels of essential fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid.  External use of this oil on the skin is good for dehydrated skin, sore and inflamed skin, reducing itchiness and also a good preventative for stretch marks during pregnancy.   It is also good for hair and nail care, acne, bruises, insect bites and sprains.  This oil also filters out up to 20% of the sun’s UV-rays.  May be used as a 50/50 base mixed with another, less odorous oil.
Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosa Mosqueta) Extraction – Chile
Cultivation /Origin: Rosa Rubiginosa is from the seeds contained in the red berry-like fruits or "hips" of a wild rose bush that grows in the cold, lush mountain valley of the southern Andes, in Chile.
Summary of benefits of Rosa Rubiginosa in skin care:
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Revitalizes
  • Increases Elasticity
  • Builds Collagen
  • Repairs damaged skin, burns, sunburns
  • Protects from environment when used as a preventative
  • Dry and tired skin becomes balanced and rejuvenated
  • Reducing surgical and dermal scars
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps reduce stretch marks
What is the component in the oil that makes it work so well on skin?
The positive action of Rosa Rubiginosa in helping to regenerate damaged tissues is due to its content of Retinoic Acid in a natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated essential fatty acids. This component responsible for the remarkable pharmacological properties of Rosa Rubiginosa oil.  Retinoic acid is a derivative of Rentinol (Vitamin A).  The therapeutic effects of the topical application of Vitamin A have been well documented and recognized for 30 years.  The most significant results have been found in the treatment of sun-damaged skin.  Rosa Rubiginosa produces all the benefits of Rentinol (Vitamin A) but without the secondary side effects that are commonly found in products containing retinoic acid that has been synthesized in the laboratory. Its action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the risk of overdose.
Why use Rosa Rubiginosa Oil instead of a facial crème?
Using the oil to hydrate your face and the delicate skin around the eyes is more effective than a crème for several reasons.
  • Natural oils penetrate quickly and completely with gentle massaging instead of rubbing.
  • Crèmes leave residue that can clog the pores in the delicate tissue around the eyes.  The unique texture of this tissue responds better to the molecular structure of natural oils than to that of crèmes.
  • Crèmes are often filled with petro-chemicals and harsh preservatives.
Prevention: Using Rosa Rubiginosa as a preventative is the best you can do for your skin.  It is recommended to start using this oil at age 20, especially for people who burn easily or are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.  Apply once a day to the entire face.
Aging and Sun-Damage: Rosa oil is very effective in halting and even reversing the effects produced by the UV-rays on the skin.  Significant changes can be noticed after the fourth week of continuous application.  For extremely sun damaged skin, you should apply Rosa heavily at least twice a day and do not expect results for about 16 weeks.
Surgical & Dermal Scars: You should apply Rosa after your stitches have been removed and the wound is totally healed.  After washing the area, apply the oil on dry skin.  The effects of this treatment will be noticeable after three to four months; skin will recover its elasticity and the color of the skin will improve.  With old, dermal scars, it may take longer to see results and it will depend on the age of the scar.  Two or more generous daily applications of this oil are recommended.
Moisturizing Properties: The most beneficial effects of Rosa are revealed in its re-hydrating properties.  Rosa, with its high absorption levels penetrates the skin almost instantly to restore it’s needed moisture balance.
Hair & Scalp: When you apply Rosa as a hot oil treatment for brittle, damaged hair or massaged into dry or flaking areas of the skin or scalp, it goes to work instantly to improve texture and help promote healing.
Rosa Rubiginosa oil is the best investment you could make for your skin!
Safflower Oil (carthamus tinctorius) – cold-pressed
The highest quality oil is cold-pressed from the seeds.  It has a faint nutty odor and is golden in color.  It is rich in essential fatty acids and contains large amounts of Vitamin E.  It should be stored in a cool, dark place because it is vulnerable to oxidation.  Safflower is capable of blocking 20% of the sun’s UV rays.  May be used on all types of skin, especially helpful on sprains, bruises or painful inflammed joints.  Use as a 100% base.
Sesame Oil (sesamum indicum) – cold-pressed
The highest quality oil is cold-pressed from the tiny seeds.  Use the light sesame oil for it is rich in vitamins and minerals.  Good for psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism, arthritis and as a skin softener.  It also has shown to block out up to 25% of the sun’s UV-rays.  This oil can be used in a 100% solution.
Shea-Butter (butyrospermum parkii kotschy, sapotaceae)
Shea Butter comes from the nut of the Shea Tree, which grows in the Savannah’s in West Africa.  It produces the first fruit when it is 25 years old and does not reach its full production until it is 40 or 50 years old.  This butter is exceptionally rich and contains fatty acids, which stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process, and replenishes lost oils.  It encourages the balanced production of lipids, the skins’ own self-created lubricants.  It is a light wound emollient, and contains properties that accelerate healing of wounds, dermites, cracks, crevices and skin ulcers.  It has anti-elastase characteristics, which makes it a good ingredient to fight stretch marks.  Used mostly for dry, dehydrated skin, as it is soothing, moisturizing and has protective effects on the skin.  It is known to have some protective effect on skin, which is prone to have sun allergies.  Use as a base or as an additive.
St. John’s Wort: (hypericum perforatum)   Price: $28.00 Size: 200ml
This macerate comes from the flowers and leaves of the perennial weed, and is collected in the midsummer months.  This oil is anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary and anti-rheumatic.  Use to heal wounds, dandruff, pimples, sunburns, bruises and to add sore muscles and back and neck injuries.  Use as a base or as a 10-50% additive.
Sunflower Oil (helianthus annus) – cold-pressed
It has a light, nutty odor and is fine in texture.  The unrefined oil contains useful amounts of essential fatty acids and a high level of vitamin E.  It is popular in beauty care.  Good for use on skin diseases, bruises and rashes.  This also may be used in a 100% solution.
Sweet Almond Oil (prunus amygdalis var. dulcis) – cold-pressed
The finest quality is cold-pressed from the kernels of the sweet almond tree.  It contains trace minerals, linoleic acid and quantities of Vitamins D & E.  This oil is a good treatment for itchy skin, sores, dryness, burns and inflammations.  This oil is a natural sunscreen, blocking out an average of 25% of the sun’s UV-rays.  It can be used as base oil in a 100% solution.
Walnut Oil (juglans regalia) – cold-pressed
Walnut oil has a sweet resinous scent.  It is good for all skin types, especially good for skin care because of its high levels of essential fatty acids.  Walnut oil contains 18% gamma linolenic acid, 60% linoleic acid, 8% palmitic and 18% oleic acid.  May use 100% or as an additive to any aromatherapy skin remedy.
Wheatgerm Oil (triticum vulgare) – cold-pressed
The oil is either cold-pressed or solvent extracted from the germ of the wheat.  It has a strong odor, which may be difficult to cover up.  It is extremely high in Vitamin E and is one of the few plant sources that provide near-complete proteins.  This oil is said to be able to penetrate deep into the skin and help to repair damage caused by over exposure to the sunlight.  Use on prematurely aging skin and as a preventative for stretch marks.  Add up to 15% of this oil to another base oil, which is lighter, such as grapeseed or almond.  This oil is also an extender to the shelf life of blends.
Wrinkle Free Facial Oil. Ingredients: Rose geranium, cistus, frankincense… This is a lifting, revitalizing complex that helps to tighten the skin.With regular use it eases fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots, red lines and enhances tissue regeneration. Ideally suited for tired and aging skin.
Delicate Skin Facial Oil. Ingredients: Chamomile, yarrow, lavender, myrrh…This facial oil is designed for sensitive skin. Helps to strengthen the immunity of the skin tissue and works on problems such as inflammation, blisters, pimples and more.
Superior Facial Oil. Ingredients: Rose Turkish, jasmine, ylang in a base of Centella, inophyllum and rosa rubiginosa. This deluxe facial oil was especially developed to work on the regeneration of the skin's cells.  It helps to tone, rejuvenate and gently exfoliate the skin, also improving the over-all look and feel of facial tissue. After 30 days of regular use, you will notice improvement of fines lines and wrinkles.
Omega 2 Special Facial Oil. Ingredients: Evening Primrose, Borage Oil, Rosa Rubiginosa... This special blend is comprised of all organic carrier oils known for their superior skin care properties.  While developed for the prematurely aging skin, it is very suitable for any age. A description of its contents follows:
Strengthening Hair Tonic -This tonic is helpful in stimulating the scalp and aids in preventing hair loss or dandruff.   When used regularly it helps to strengthen thinning hair.  Use daily before or after washing hair, spray on scalp directly and comb through hair.
Nourishing Hair & Scalp Oil - This hair oil is made in a base of cold pressed organic sesame and jojoba oil.  Both of these carrier oils are known for their beneficial affects on hair.  The essential oils chosen in this blend have properties that help to revitalize and strengthen both the hair and scalp.  Apply a palm-full of oil into the scalp and massage to promote blood circulation.  Leave on for 1-3 hours before shampooing hair.  For extra nourishment, leave on hair overnight and follow with a shampoo the next morning.
Wild Rose Deluxe Facial: Rosa Rubiginosa (rose hip) CO2, Rose, Neroli, Cistus… - Highly recommend! Same as Omega II Special but includes the most precious essential oils for skin care. Because of the combination of these essential oils with rose hip seed it is superb for mature and dry skin. It helps to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and scars. May also be applied to stretch marks.
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